Should Dog Walkers Consider Getting Liability Insurance?

It’s not surprising that more and more people are hiring the services of dog walkers. After all, giving our canine companions the attention that they both need and deserve can be a challenging task when dealing with a busy schedule. And more often than not, the only option left to us is to trust our pets to other people instead.

However, dog walking isn’t as easy as some people think. It is, after all, a responsibility with plenty of variables. And this can make the profession far less predictable than we want it to be. And it is for this reason why dog walking insurance isn’t only an option, but a necessity that anyone in this business should consider. To this end, here are some reasons why all dog walkers should consider securing general liability insurance.

Physical injury

Gauging the temperament of a dog isn’t easy. And it’s not uncommon for even experts in the field to make mistakes. And in the event that your canine friend causes physical injury to a person or another animal during the walk, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to shell out for costs of the medical treatment and other expenses too. But by having insurance, however, the coverage can help minimize the financial impact that it can have on you.

Property damage

Let’s face it: man’s best friends also enjoy causing a lot of damage. And if the dog that you are walking decides to make a mess of a neighbor’s landscaping during the walk, you’ll have to cover the expenses associated with having it redone. Fortunately, having dog walking insurance can help you with the costs that would otherwise have to come from your own pocket.

Medical expenses

If a client or customer claims that their canine pet caught an infection during one of your walks, they may ask you to take care of the costs of the treatment. And without the right coverage, there’s a good chance that the associated expenses can cost you and your business a small fortune.

Other benefits

Apart from financial coverage, one of the most significant advantages that dog walker insurance can yield is that it shows potential clients and customers that you are serious about your profession. And because a lot of these types of businesses still lack the right policies, not only will it set you apart from your competition. But it will also help you secure your intended audience too.

More importantly, insurance gives you peace of mind that your business is protected in the event that the unexpected happens. And this will allow you to focus on other aspects of your company, whether it’s to grow and expand it to nearby towns or to increase your dog walkers.

With all the advantages and benefits that it yields, it makes sense for every dog walker to secure the right insurance coverage. However, keep in mind that good standard practices still apply. Always make sure that you compare your options first and research on the chosen companies before deciding. In this way, not only are you likely to find better deals but also comprehensive coverages too.