Suryodaya School: An initiative by SREI and Kanoria Foundation

Under the vision and guidance of the founder of SREI and Kanoria Foundation, Mr. Hemant Kanoria, Suryodaya Schools are built to educate and empower students from relatively weak socio-economic backgrounds located in the slum areas of Kolkata. The school currently has two branches, in Santoshpur and Birati, and with a mission statement parallel to all the other philanthropic projects run by SREI foundation and Kanoria Foundation, aims to uplift the marginalised sections of society in India.

The english-medium schools foster an environment of commitment towards learning and holistic development. In addition to focusing on each student’s academics, vocational training in a variety of areas, such as computer, dance, art, and craft, is provided on the school grounds in an effort to build all-around performers. Suryodaya in association with Kanoria Foundation and SREI foundation, encourages the health and overall well-being of the students at the school through a variety of activities, including a healthy and nutritious lunch, health checks, and treatment referrals as needed.

Mr. Hemant Kanoria’s continuous efforts ensure that both schools are preparing the children to be responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Suryodaya Montessori House by SREI and Kanoria Foundation

Suryoda is committed to academic growth of young minds and is always conducting research in the field of quality education and excellence. In a dynamic environment that encourages analysis, devotion, and observation, the school empowers students to reach their academic and personal potential. We are a community that acts with integrity and appreciates the uniqueness of each individual while growing as global citizens. Students thrive in an environment that fosters healthy development and encourages achievement.

The Montessori House maintains a welcoming atmosphere by emphasising the need of forming a genuine collaboration between students, staff, and parents.

As such, students are involved in a plethora of activities that tend to their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive empowerment and strengths, such as Nature Study, Yoga, Meditation & Prayer, Art & Craft, Swimming, Puppet Show & Music and Computer Education.

Suryodaya Charitable School by SREI and Kanoria Foundation

Suroyodaya Schools, a division of IISD Edu World under SREI foundation, was established with the goal of providing, developing, and disseminating education to poor children and members of society.

The framework of its operations are based on the principles of:

  • Every child has the right to an education that would enable them to compete in society.
  • Create a learning temple in order to provide a rich and holistic education to children from low-income families so that they might have a better future.
  • To ensure that the children in their care receive a holistic education that goes beyond basic literacy and numeracy.
  • To establish a stress-free environment for our pupils while also supporting the principles of love, respect, caring, and sharing.

Suryodaya Activity Centre by SREI and Kanoria Foundation

Suryodaya School’s objective is to guarantee that kids develop holistically. The school involves students in a variety of activities in order to encourage all-around development, in addition to providing high-quality education. They occasionally organise cultural activities, sports, and events to help them develop their hidden talents. The major purpose is to prepare pupils to meet the tough competition and challenges that face them in today’s society.

These activities have been designed to not only entertain youngsters, but also to help them gain confidence and develop their social and communication skills. The activities encourage children to bond and allow them to learn in an engaging and enjoyable way.

The School’s Activity Center in collaboration with SREI and Kanoria Foundation help foster:

  • Independent thinking
  • Making friends and becoming socially confident
  • Develop a proactive and positive attitude to learning