A Guideline about Malta Residence and Visa Programme 

Applying for the Malta Residence and Visa Programme provides you with an opportunity to become a permanent Maltese resident and enjoy visa-free travel to countries of the EU Schengen zone. Once you get a Maltese residence permit, you can work, stay, and settle indefinitely in Malta.

You can apply with your eligible dependents like your spouse or a partner who has been in a long and durable relationship with you, children under 18. Not only this, one application of the Malta Residence and Visa Programme (MRVP) can also include your parents, their spouse, and unmarried children.

Do You Qualify?

If you want to apply as the main applicant, you need to either:

  • invest in a property valued to the minimum 320,000 euro which can be 270,000 in certain areas
  • Or establish a rental contract with the minimum value of 12,000 euro which can be euro 10,000 in certain areas and declare a yearly income of 100,000 euro plus arising outside Malta.
  • Or declare that you have 500,000 euro or more as capital reserves, pay 30,000 euro the Maltese government as a one-time contribution, and spend the minimum 250,000 euro in government-approved bonds and/or shares.

If you are adding any dependents to your application, they must have valid travel documents as well as health insurance that covers the European Union.

Benefits of Malta Residence and Visa Program 

Some of the top benefits of Malta Residence and Visa Program include:

  • You get the EU residence permit that grants you visa-free travel across the Schengen area.
  • You get the right to reside permanently in Malta.
  • You can renew indefinitely after a 5-year permanent residence in Malta.
  • You need to invest only for the first five years.
  • There are no residence requirements.
  • Your family members can be included in your application.

The requirements and procedures for Malta Residence and Visa Programme are reasonable and straightforward. You will apply to the IIP Agency responsible for application with a non-refundable deposit of euro 5,500. After all due diligence checks are made, you will be requested to complete the qualifying investment. A residence permit will be issued subsequently.